Infrared Thermography Training, Camera independent, Level 1 and Level 2  ASNT and ISO compliant.

Advanced Infrared Resources delivers hands-on infrared training and certification courses in both Australia and New Zealand, as well as various international locations. We present both open enrollment as well as in house, on site courses. These courses conform to ASNT-TC-1A & ISO 18436-7 written standards. These courses are tailored for the Reliability/PdM sector. We teach Infrared Thermography as related to PdM programs in industrial maintenance settings. Included in the course is information on the other 4 PdM technologies and how they interface with Infrared Thermography in a Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) Program .

Certification Administered by The Australian and New Zealand Institute of Infrared Thermography

Our director, Mr Wayne Ruddock, is a professional infrared thermographer and educator with over 35 years practical experience in this field. His experience in all sectors of infrared thermography empowers him with abilities which ensure that your education in infrared thermography cannot be surpassed. His use of audio, visual and kinetic training techniques makes sure that no matter what your background you will receive a comprehensive understanding of this powerful technology. No matter what your infrared thermography requirement, from training and certification to program implementation, we have the knowledge experience and skills to support you in all your infrared endeavours.
Advanced Infrared Resources is not affiliated with any specific camera manufacturer. It does not matter what infrared camera you have, you will receive instruction that is not biased toward any brand. Our courses are completly camera independent.
Courses contain hands on workshops designed to ensure that each student will be able to proficiently perform  infrared tasks including temperature calculations, when they return to their workplace.
Some Past clients include:

Australian DOD             Royal Australian Navy
Qantas                         Queensland Alumina
Blue Scope Steel          Qenos
Port of Gladstone          Australian Paper      
Genesis Energy            Fonterra
Boeing Aircraft              BP Solar
Holcim Cement             Metlabs
Delta Airlines                NASA: Johnson Space Center
US Navy

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